Macro for Designing AB Fence

Plan Your Fence Layout

Allan Block makes it easy to draw your fence panels. The AutoCAD Fence Macro allows you to configure your patterns to fit any project requirements. It helps lay out multiple panels, detailed panel drawings, panel sections, and post sections. Download the Allan Block Fence Macro for AutoCAD to quickly lay out standard pattern and Ashlar pattern fence designs.

Allan Block Fence Macro

Download the AB Fence Macro:

Installing the Tool on PC

  1. Download the AB Fence file by clicking the button above. Save this .zip file in an easily accessible location (i.e. your desktop)
  2. Extract the AB Fence Macro Files from the .ZIP file. The files can be extracted in several ways:
    1. Open the .ZIP folder by double clicking the folder. Drag the files to the desired location on your computer.
    2. Right click on the .ZIP folder and select Extract All. Follow the prompt to save the files in the desired location.
    3. Use a third party application to extract and save the files in the desired location.
  3. Once the files have been saved in the desired location, open the AB Fence Macros instructions for further information on how to install the files within your AutoCAD program.