Concrete Fence Construction

Concrete Fence Construction

Concrete Fence Construction - Compaction

Compact between fence post locations

Safety First

As with all construction equipment, there are many safety practices that should be followed while using compaction equipment. Keep in mind the personal protection basics that consist of durable work gloves, eye protection, ear protection, dust mask and appropriate work clothes. Make sure you are familiar with the equipment. If possible, ask for some training when picking the equipment up.

We recommend reading all operating and safety instructions before operating the machinery.

Compaction During Fence Construction

When building your fence it is important to remember to compact the soil under the concrete fence. Proper compaction is important to a beautiful finished project. If performed improperly, settlement could occur and result in structural failure or unnecessary maintenance cost.

Why is compaction important?

The main reason to compact soil is to prevent soil from settling and damaging the structure. Compacted soil provides stability and increases the load-bearing capacity while reducing water into the soil which minimizes future water issues.

Compaction and the AB Fence

It is important to remember that ANY loose material in and around the fence should be compacted. However, there are two specific installation steps in which proper compaction is noted.

Skid Steer Loader
concrete mixer
  • When the pile holes are excavated each hole must be checked to make sure loose material is not left in the bottom of the hole. Use a long handled hand tamper to compact this soil when necessary.
  • The trench below the fence panels needs to be compacted prior to placing the well-graded granular aggregate. This will ensure that the fence panel is constructed on solid ground. Any soft soil should be removed and replaced with aggregate when needed.

Tools & Equipment

Hand Tools: Safety glasses, gloves, dust mask, ear protection, knee pads, 4’ level, torpedo level, tape measure, string line, chisel, hand tamper, dead blow hammer, shims, round and square shovel.

Power Tools: Plate compactor, concrete saw with diamond blade, concrete mixer, concrete vibrator, skid loader with auger and laser level.

Rental Equipment: Plate compactors, concrete saws, concrete mixers, concrete vibrator, skid loaders and laser levels are required when building a concrete fence project. These are available at most equipment rental centers.