Fence Top Options

Castellated style

Castellated Finish

Non-Castellated style

Non-Castellated Finish

The fence can be completed using the AB Fence Cap Blocks that gives any project a clean, finished look with aesthetic appeal. By adjusting the height of the AB Post Block, you can create two different types of looks.

  • Castellated Finish
  • Non-Castellated Finish

The preferred method is a castellated finish where the posts are taller than the panel by at least one block. The castellated finish allows room for the wall panels to slide up and down as needed due to frost heave. It is also easier to construct since you are not matching the post and panel heights.

Using different colors within the panel or the caps is also a great way to give the concrete fence a dramatic look. Reversing the direction on a course of block easily adds a banding effect with the change in texture.

Fence with Castellated Finish and Color Accents

Castellated Finish with Color Accents

Patterned Fence with Non-Castellated Finish

Patterned Fence with Non-Castellated Finish

Castellated Fence

Castellated Finish

Non-Castellated Fence

Non-Castellated Finish

Castellated Fence With Texture Banding

Castellated Finish With Texture Banding

Non-Castellated Fence With Step-ups

Non-Castellated Finish With Step-ups