Create a Relaxing Backyard for Entertaining

A Relaxing Backyard Oasis

The epic battle of man versus nature raged through storm and thunder at the Doland residence in Cincinnati, Ohio. For a week and a half, a three-man crew worked to turn a undeveloped backyard into an oasis for entertainment. The Doland’s have lived in their beautiful colonial home for close to five years and determined it was time to turn their backyard into something livable and wonderful. The Doland’s sought the help of John Fisher’s Landesign to handle their backyard slope and create a functional patio.

As a family who entertains often, the main goal was to turn the outdoor area into a relaxing place with an “old world feel” to spend time with friends. With Fisher’s suggestion and experience, the Doland’s found the perfect product in the Allan Block Courtyard Collection.

AB Courtyard Post with light

The main goal was to turn their outdoor area into a relaxing place to spend time with friends

AB Courtyard walls and posts around patio
Backyard transformation made possible with Allan Block

Fisher suggested the Allan Block collections of products as they offered a varied block shape and a worn look with more distinct columns. He has been working with Allan Block products for over eleven years and with the assistance of supervisor Joe Kuchera, he helped create a design with the ambiance only Allan Block products can provide.

Using matching colored tumbled pavers for the patio, the AB Courtyard Collection for the walls and posts and the AB Europa Collection for the retaining walls to tackle the slope, this combination of products gave the perfect balance of form and function. With the structure and texture of the new patio walls, their sloping backyard has been turned into a warm and inviting oasis, transforming a lost area into a focal point of not only the yard but the entire residence. Extra space and an elegant fountain took this muddy Ohio slope and turned it into a practical and beautiful outdoor living area. Now they are ready to party the warm summer nights of Cincinnati away in their useful and stylish patio space. The Doland’s send raving reviews of their Allan Block experience.

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #15