Unruly Hillside Turned Vacation Retreat

The Perfect Staycation

In their new Centennial, Colorado home, the Brock family faced the challenge of taking their backyard from one big hillside and turning it into an exotic retreat that they could enjoy for years to come.

With neighbors sitting much higher all around them, the Brock's needed a retaining wall to turn their slopes into more useable space. They also wanted to be able to bring the feel of their favorite place, Cabo San Lucas, to their home in Colorado. They contacted a local contractor, Environmental Designs Inc., who recommended the AB Europa Collection for its functionality and style to work with the overall look and theme of the project. "We had used Allan Block on several other projects and have always been satisfied with the outcome. It seemed to to be exactly what the customer was looking for."

retaining wall around pool

Retaining wall and seating wall around fire pit
retaining wall around pool

The overall project design incorporated terraced walls to manage the slopes and created seating areas near the pool and outdoor kitchen. Using brightly colored tiles, and natural stones to accent the warm colors of the AB Abbey Blend walls, their exotic feel came to life.

In order to get started on the project, the contractor had to address the biggest challenge on the site, little to no access. After surveying the area and identifying the lot lines, it became apparent that they would need to get approval to get into the site. The surrounding neighbors were contacted and with their cooperation, the contractor was able to access the site from the adjoining properties.

Having easier access to the site made short work of the construction process and the Brock family's retreat, walls, pool and seating areas took just a little over 6 months to complete.

Mr. & Mrs. Brock couldn't be more pleased with the way their yard has turned out, "We are so happy, we love the way the walls have opened up the space. Now we have Cabo San Lucas right here in our own backyard!"

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #17