Outdoor Living Spaces to Enjoy

Gather Around the Fire

For homeowner Brian Thornton of Erie, Colorado the blank canvas of his un-landscaped backyard was an opportunity to create a warm and inviting outdoor living space that he could enjoy with family and friends.

The first step in the transformation was to decide how the space was going to be used. What kind of outdoor living did the Thornton’s need to fit their lifestyle?

Since entertaining, cooking, and relaxing were all important to the Thornton’s, a plan was set in place to create a patio with an enclosure to separate it from the rest of the yard, an outdoor kitchen with a bar for grilling and entertaining and a fire pit area for sitting and relaxing.

Custom outdoor kitchen with pavers and counter top

Raised patio with patio surround and seating

Raised patio with fire pit and seating wall

Working with Basalite, the local Allan Block manufacturer, the Thorton’s decided to use two Allan Block product lines to construct their new retreat.

The AB Collection was used to build the retaining walls for the raised patio area to distinguish the patio from the rest of the yard. The AB Courtyard Collection was chosen to create many of the other patio features because of its seamless ability to blend with the AB Collection blocks used to build the raised patio.

The amazing versatility of the AB Courtyard Collection allowed the Thornton’s to construct the patio surround, fire pit, seating areas, light posts and outdoor kitchen using the same product. The Thornton’s added lighting to the AB Courtyard posts/pillars, concrete pavers to create the raised patio and a custom counter top to their outdoor kitchen to finish the space off with style. Now their backyard is a warm and inviting place to entertain, relax and unwind. This change from bare to beautiful is a welcomed transformation that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #26