Party at the Backyard Bar

Finding Your Paradise

Bobby and Kristy Loff are Do-it-Yourselfers to the extreme. Purchasing a home in New Jersey back in 2003, they spent 6 years completely redoing every aspect from top to bottom to get it just the way they wanted.

When it came time to tackle their landscaping, they started researching on the internet and magazines and determined what they wanted - paver patio, retaining walls and beautiful plantings to accent the space – a nice comfortable back yard area. Having never installed pavers or retaining walls, they contacted Clayton Block and Don Clayton for more information and to determine if this was a project they could tackle or would need to hire a contractor.

Outdoor Patio

With large extended families, they needed an area that could easily accomodate a large group

Fire pit and seating wall

The homeowners decided to turn their backyard space into new “Outdoor Rooms” to enjoy with thier family

Patio surround and bar

Don went over all of the product options available to them including the Allan Block website and all of the How-To Weekend Projects. Bobby continued his research, watched all of Allan Block’s How-To videos and then changed their original design entirely after seeing all of the options that would create their backyard space into new outdoor rooms. They were excited.

Entertaining family and friends was an important element they considered when redesigning their space. With large extended families on both sides, they needed an area that could easily accomodate a large group, and still feel intimate.

Armed with How-To sheets in hand, notes from watching the videos and some of their friends, they began their backyard makeover. The patio and fire pit were finished the summer of 2009. In the spring of 2010 they added one more item to their creation, an outdoor bar and grilling station. They created the bar using AB Courtyard and finished it with a granite countertop, built-in sink, ice maker, and a beverage cooler. AB Courtyard pillars were built around wood posts holding up the roof to complete the outdoor bar. To accommodate more guest seating they built AB Courtyard walls between the pillars.

The Loff’s love their new outdoor space and without the knowledge they learned from and the knowledgeable sales staff at their local dealer, they could not have imagined and created their very own paradise.

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #27