Paradise Found in Vienna - Virginia That Is!

Outdoor Poolside Rooms

Immediately upon walking through the black cast-iron gate at this magnificent Vienna, VA private residence, a breathtaking landscape quickly comes into view. Initially greeted by large concrete planters filled with colorful plants and lush greenery along the flagstone walkway, guests are quickly introduced to a spectacular outdoor living space.

The homeowners did a lot of research using the internet, talking with contractors, and evaluating many different types of products and construction options. Using what they learned, they developed most of the design themselves, and knew exactly what they wanted before they even started the work.

Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

The magnificent outdoor kitchen features a stainless steel sink, appliances, and amenities.

Patio Seating Wall

A massive curved seating wall and retaining wall surrounds the entire perimeter of the patio

outdoor kitchen

The large outdoor fireplace and fully-equipped kitchen were both constructed using AB Courtyard.

Outdoor Fireplace

"We threw a huge back-yard, open-house party for our friends, neighbors, and relatives. Everyone loved how it turned out and enjoyed it as much as we do."

Backyard with pool with patterned retaining wall

They were extremely pleased and impressed with Allan Block's website. They loved the photo gallery and the fact that it offered much more information than other sites. One photo showed almost the exact look they wanted to achieve. The site also helped them to develop a visual image of what the finished project would look like.

Allan Block Becomes the Products of Choice

After studying all the options on Allan Block's site- the products, the photos, how the blocks were pre-engineered, how to install the blocks, etc. - they hired an independent engineer to put it all down on paper.

The entire project was completed in three separate phases. The walkway and window wells were constructed first, followed by the custom-built sculptured pool. The third and final phase included the installation of a massive S-curved AB Courtyard seating wall and an AB Dover retaining wall that surrounds the entire perimeter.

The homeowners added a built-in waterfall that flows from the top of the wall into the pool below, creating a soothing sound to compliment the tranquil setting. The steps from the pool lead to a large patio area flanked by more curved seating walls, a large outdoor fireplace and fully-equipped kitchen – both constructed using AB Courtyard.

Shaded beneath a stunning, natural wood pergola supported by white columns, the magnificent outdoor kitchen features a stainless steel sink, appliances, and amenities. The back support wall located behind the kitchen was also constructed using AB Courtyard block topped with flagstone wall cap. The kitchen features built-in, under-counter lighting, as well as a ceiling fan and pendant lights.

The homeowners were delighted with the outcome.

Excerpt from Landscape Newsletter Issue #29