The Revolution in Retaining Walls We Have Been Waiting For

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Introducing the first Eco-Friendly mortarless concrete retaining wall system - the AB Fieldstone Collection®. Using recycled materials has allowed us to create a "green" retaining wall system that is safe for the environment and is able to use post consumer materials without taking away from the quality of the blocks.

Green, Natural, Friendly

AB Fieldstone is GREEN. Every block is made with locally recycled material in the back of the block. AB Fieldstone is NATURAL. Every AB Fieldstone facing unit is cast to emulate the look and feel of natural stone. Choose the look you want from our Series of styles. AB Fieldstone is FRIENDLY. The blocks are made in two pieces making them lightweight and easy to handle.

This innovative new product has unlimited possibilities in style and constructability. The AB Fieldstone Collection is right at home in residential settings where retaining walls 6 ft. (1.8 m) and under are typically called for, and up to the task on larger retaining walls 6 ft. (1.8 m) and over.

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The patented multi-piece AB Fieldstone system allows the use of recycled materials in each assembly without sacrificing the beautiful appearance of the facing unit. AB Fieldstone anchoring units are always buried, so using a higher percentage of recycled materials in the anchoring unit will never affect the appearance of the wall. Each anchoring unit is produced using recycled materials. Allan Block producers use recycled materials available locally.

  • Materials used to manufacture the product are local raw materials that minimize fuel needed for handling and transportation.
  • Due to efficient manufacturing processes, there is very little waste when producing the AB Fieldstone retaining wall product
  • Improving the environmental impact using a product that is made of recycled materials.
  • If upon project completion there are excess AB Fieldstone anchoring units, they can be saved and used on the next retaining wall project as they are universal units and can be used on all AB Fieldstone projects.
  • AB Fieldstone retaining walls can help projects achieve LEED® points in 14 different credits.
  • By using the AB Fieldstone product you can build retaining wall projects that are environmentally friendly applications to help with soil erosion and water management.
  • AB Fieldstone is made of concrete, which is a durable building material that surpasses the life-expectancy of alternative (such as timbers or railroad ties). Concrete products do not contain toxic materials that are sometimes found in these treated timber and other materials.



AB Fieldstone comes as close as you can get to matching the raw beauty of natural stone. The different Series styles and the color options available give you truly unlimited design possibilities.



The AB Fieldstone Collection has everything you need for a stylish look as well as being a recycled product. Not to mention, it also has many “Friendly” advantages:


  • The lighter-weight two-piece system makes it easy to handle. These ergonomically-friendly blocks are easy to lift from a pallet and carry across difficult jobsites.

Easy Installation

  • The ability to build taller gravity walls with the same installation practices as our AB Collection and AB Europa Collection, there is no new installation process to learn.

Built-in Corners & Height Control

  • The exciting advantages of the facing unit with its built-in corner and height control, where every facing unit is the exact same height, makes building with AB Fieldstone a hassel free experience.

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