Top 20 Project Ideas For Beautiful Landscapes

Do you have landscape problems or backyard issues and you're not sure what to do? See what these people did to spruce up their own yards. Get great ideas and see how others have found creative ways to solve issues and bring beauty and function to their landscapes.

Click on a project below to get an in-depth look at the plan, design and building techniques used to create some very interesting projects. Checkout the photo gallery or our weekend project ideas for more creative ways to spice up your landscape.

Transform Steep Slopes

eco-friendly retaining wall

Design Your Paradise

outdoor poolside rooms

Replace Failed Timber

terraced retaining walls

Add Style and Beauty

Retaining Wall Front Yard

Build Walls to Match Landscapes

Low Maintenance Retaining Walls

Incorporate Stairs for Water Management

Outdoor Stairways

Curb Appeal Transformations

front yard retaining wall

Elegant Entryways

entry walls

Create a Raised Patio

patio walls

Renovate Your Yard into an Oasis

seating walls

Swap Out Weakened Walls

patterned retaining walls

Vacation at Home

backyard retaining wall with pool

Tackle a Sloping Front Yard

terraced retaining wall

Construct a Plantable Wall

terraced retaining wall

Expand Your Backyard with Terraces

terraced retaining wall

Backyard Flooding Solutions

backyard retaining wall

Revamp Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Bar

Turn Bare into Beautiful

Patio firepit

Be Your Own Contractor

Raised Patio with Stairs

Replace Your Wooden Deck

retaining wall with outdoor fireplace

Pergola Patio Retreat

courtyard pergola